Service & Repairs

There are two levels of cycle service

  • The Standard Fine Fettle Service - The entire bike is checked over using ACT's 30 point MOT check list and adjustments made where necessary, including brake and gear systems, wheel truing and lubrication of pivots (derailleurs and chain).  Particular attention is given to safety - Wheels are checked for spoke tension, tyres for wear and damage, brakes for efficiency and any bolts or fastenings found to be loose are tightened to the correct manufacturer's torque setting.

  • The Full Fine Fettle Service - Involves a full strip down and rebuild.  All components are degreased and cleaned and reassembled with all bolts and fastenings tightened to the correct manufacturer's torque setting.

During a service, if any component is found to be faulty, damaged or worn beyond safe use, you will be consulted asap and given a quote for any further remedial work required.

If you feel you don't need a service, but have a particular mechanical problem such as:

  • a wheel has become buckled

  • the brake blocks need renewing

  • the chain, rear cassette or crankset requires replacing

  • the bottom bracket is loose or worn out (the bottom bracket is the axle the pedals are attached to)

  • a wheel hub is grinding and needs new bearings or has side to side play and needs adjustment

  • a tyre has a puncture or has no tread and needs replacing (all well known brands of tyres can be supplied)

Specialist procedures such as rear derailleur hanger re-alignment and disk brake spot facing (also disk brake fitting) carried out.

Please look at the pricelist, phone 0113 393 5688 or email for a quote or some advice.

All servicing and repairs are carried out by a mechanic qualified to Cytech level 2 and DT Swiss wheel building.  Cytech accreditations are recognised throughout the cycle industry as a high level of competency.



Checking the spokes are correctly tensioned

Adjusting the air pressure in a suspension fork

Tightening the crank to the correct torque

Wheel building and truing